Brad Mehldau: Eloquence With Words

Brad Mehldau happens to be one of my favorite musicians. The biggest reason for this is that he is far from just a jazz pianist. This becomes apparent when reading the articles he has posted on his website. His ability to emote with his music is supplemented by his articulate use of words. Brad is a great example of an artist whose music comes from more than just exercises and practice. His music comes from his personality, stories, etc. His latest album, “Highway Rider,” actually features a story that he wrote to go along with the music. Here is a link to a great article he wrote on the wisdom that is often conveyed in music and where it comes from. (you can find links to many of his other articles here as well).

On another note, Brad Mehldau has a new trio album coming out tomorrow!!! ——

4 thoughts on “Brad Mehldau: Eloquence With Words

  1. Brad Mehldau is one of my favorites as well. I had the opportunity to speak with him before a show at Birdland a few years ago and it was quite amazing. i asked him a bunch of questions like “Who do you listen to now?” He told me bands like Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, and things i didnt expect. He also told me that he likes to listen to how one artist may play with different people. Like how Coltrane may play differently with Tommy Flanagan than with Mccoy Tyner.

    Great Blog!

    • Dotan– thanks for the comment! Very interesting. I think part of what makes him such a great artist is that he probably stays more true to himself musically than anyone else I can think of. Doesn’t seem like he puts anything in his music for the wrong reasons. He seems to always be exploring new music and searching for its meaning on a personal level. It’s crazy to hear the development of his trio albums all the way to the combined ensemble sound of Highway Rider. But my favorite album of his still has got to be Elegiac Cycle.

      I just checked out Piano Across America… so awesome and original. I honestly can’t think of a more amazing way to travel across the country. Next will have to be piano across Europe… Keep it up. I’ll be following. And make sure to let me know when you’re in the New York area.

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