THREE Free Bud Powell Transcriptions – “All God’s Children Got Rhythm,” “Fine and Dandy,” and “Sonny Side”

Jazz pianist Gregory Chen has provided us with three great Bud Powell intros, fully-transcribed! Here are the PDF’s below:

Bud Powell – Fine and Dandy Intro

Bud Powell – All God’s Children Got Rhythm Intro

Bud Powell – Sonny Side Intro

Check out Gregory Chen’s music here:

And I highly recommend that you watch this video:

Great Jazz Piano Warmup Exercise – Part 2 – Finger Stretch

In this short jazz piano lesson, you will learn a great warm up exercise to use before each time you sit down to play or practice. In this exercise, you alternate between arppegiating a Major7#11 chord and minor11 chord, moving this pattern down in half-steps.

PDF: Jazz Warm Up – Finger Stretch

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