THREE Free Bud Powell Transcriptions – “All God’s Children Got Rhythm,” “Fine and Dandy,” and “Sonny Side”

Jazz pianist Gregory Chen has provided us with three great Bud Powell intros, fully-transcribed! Here are the PDF’s below:

Bud Powell – Fine and Dandy Intro

Bud Powell – All God’s Children Got Rhythm Intro

Bud Powell – Sonny Side Intro

Check out Gregory Chen’s music here:

And I highly recommend that you watch this video:

Free Django Reinhardt Transcription: I’ll See You In My Dreams

Here’s another beautiful free transcription from guitarist Gabe Schnider of Django Reinhardt playing “I’ll See You In My Dreams.” This solo is particularly striking as Django arpeggiates his lines, beautifully leading into each following chord. It is easy to forget how “modern” even an early improviser like Django Reinhardt can sound. Any modern musician and soloist can learn a great deal from this transcription. Enjoy!

DJANGO Ill See You in My Dreams

Django Reinhardt

Free Transcription of Kurt Rosenwinkel’s Solo on “View From Moscow”

In this free transcription of Kurt Rosenwinkel’s solo on “View From Moscow” from the album The Remedy, you will find many examples of his fascinating pentatonic and intervalic style of guitar improvisation.

In measures 29-30, you will find a great example of pentatonic shapes (Shapes based on the pentatonic scale.)  Rather than focusing on one scale, Kurt combines pentatonic shapes from different pentatonic scales, adding notes in between to give his lines more life.

In measures 42-43, he will encounter an incredible intervalic line.  He is essentially taking a nicely voiced canto style voicing and arpeggiating it. Check it out!

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Kurt Rosenwinkel Solo

Enjoy and have a very happy new year!!!

Transcription of Terence Blanchard’s Solo on “A La Mode”

Merry Christmas! Here is a free transcription from the album “Jazz Messangers Live at the Iridium.”

Terence Blanchard Solo

Special thanks to guitarist Gabe Schnider for providing this gem.

Gabe Schnider

Gabe Schnider

Transcription of Chick Corea’s Solo on “My One and Only Love”

Here is a free transcription of Chick Corea’s solo on “My One and Only Love,” from the album Now He Sings, Now He Sobs. Transcribed by a phenomenal pianist, Glenn Zaleski. Check out Glenn’s new CD here:

My One and Only Love