Incredible Ear Training Workout – Beginner to Advanced Relative Pitch

This is a 33 minute YouTube playlist of relative pitch ear training that will help you learn to play songs by ear. I actually picked this one up at Berklee School of Music when I was there for a summer program. Try it out and let me know how it goes for you!

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Advanced Ear Training – Relative Pitch Exercises Part 1

In this video, we will go through some advanced ear training exercises that will train your relative pitch to  a point where you no longer have any trouble learning songs by ear.  Many people do not understand that ear training, just like training any muscle in your body, is a process that requires diligence and persistence. However, in many ways, ear training is also easier than many people think. If music is a language, and music theory is grammar, then ear training is like opening up a dictionary and memorizing words. Learning to hear and remember new sounds is much like memorizing these new words that you are adding to your vocabulary.

The way this exercise works is that we go through a fairly tough series of chords. I give you the starting pitch of “C” and then you have to name the notes in the chord from bottom to top. This is tough ear training, so if you nail this you’re in great shape and you should have no problem learning music by ear!

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