How to Sound Like McCoy Tyner – Step 2 – Fourths and Pentatonics

This  jazz piano tutorial will help you learn to sound like the great McCoy Tyner by showing you some techniques that will help you learn to play melodies or improvise in his characteristic fourthy and pentatonic style.

How to Sound Like McCoy Tyner – Part 1 – Dominant Pentatonic Voicings

In this short video, you are walked through a specific type of jazz piano voicing often used by the great pianist McCoy Tyner while comping. These voicings are called Dominant Pentatonic Inversions and if you practice the material from this lesson diligently, you will gain much more facility in your Tyner-esque comping abilities every day. Click the link below for a free PDF version of the exercise in half-steps:

Dominant Pentatonic Voicings